The Excavice SMP is a no-griefing pvp multiplayer survival Minecraft server with claiming and a player-based economy! the server is the perfect balance between pvp and pve. we are hoping to hold events over the weekends such as head drops for pvp and more!

Server IP: play.excavice.com

Server Version: 1.16.4, Java (Survival)

Discord: dsc.gg/MinecraftSMP

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with or supported by Mojang AB or Microsoft.
Any donations go directly towards the Excavice SMP Server.

Refunds: we have a strict no refund policy. If you have purchased a donator rank and receive a ban you may not request a refund. 

if you file a dispute with Paypal or credit card company (chargebacks) - it will result in an immediate ban from all of our services including but not limited to the Tebex Store, Minecraft Server, And Discord.